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        Office workers ‘value on-the-job training’

        Office workers ‘value on-the-job training’

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          Businesses may be able to improve the productivity levels of office-based workers by providing in-house training, it has been suggested.

          According to research conducted by, 40 per cent of employers believe training provision can increase business output.

          And another 35 per cent think it can help improve employee morale, ensuring workers are happier in their jobs and better prepared to make a valuable contribution.

          Many of the employers surveyed by said they had successfully reduced staff attrition levels by providing training to their workers.

          Vivek Punekar, chief human resource officer at HCL Infosystems, commented: “Training is critical for growth and development of employees in the organisation and also to retain talent.

          “To strengthen our process, we analyse and identify key development areas for training – skills, technical and product learning – on regular basis.”

          New technological upgrades and business needs are also taken into consideration in this approach, he stated.

          Employees themselves appear to value on-the-job training, delivered by senior members of staff at their company or organisation.

          This was voted as the preferred method of training by 71 per cent of employees.

          Some 15 per cent said they preferred to learn new skills and working approaches at seminars or workshops, while 11 per cent favoured external trainers.

          Just three per cent said they prefer to pick up new skills and knowledge from training manuals and journals.

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