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        Older employees have a ‘really good work ethic’

        Older employees have a ‘really good work ethic’

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          Businesses operating in serviced offices and other buildings may want to reconsider their policy towards hiring older employees after a wealth management company said that older people had a really good work ethic.

          Yvonne Goodwin Wealth Management said that older people in general were not only reliable and hardworking but they also demonstrated a real willingness to want to work.

          This willingness to work has to be demonstrated at a job interview, said Yvonne Goodwin, the managing director of the company.

          She said: “It depends how they present themselves and if they come up with a really good CV and show willingness.”

          Her comments come on the back of recent research from Aviva which suggested 11 per cent of over-55s felt as though they were forced into early retirement.

          With an ageing population on the rise, this may have to change as more and more employees are going to be older.

          Ms Goodwin added: “People entering the workforce now will have to be pretty flexible in the future because they will have a much longer working life then people have had in the past.”

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