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        Employers to use Olympics as a boost for remote working

        Employers to use Olympics as a boost for remote working

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          The Olympics’ effect on the UK is set to be massive in terms of tourism and exposure but it could also have an effect on the UK’s workforce too.

          That’s according to the results of a recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey, at least.

          The results from the CIPD’s Resourcing and Talent Planning, have shown that many companies plan to use the Olympics as a way of testing the waters when it comes to remote working and potentially even hotdesking.

          The main push behind this decision for many employers is the likelihood of extensive transport issues and the prospect for workers to have to battle their way to work each morning.

          It seems that rather than forcing workers to force their way onto the crowded Tube system or that busy bus to get to their office space in London, many will be allowed to work solely or partly from home.

          Around a third of employers said that they will try to accommodate requests from their employees to work from home, while 17 per cent said they will be looking to extend their flexible working opportunities.

          Just short of that, 13 per cent, will actively look to encourage staff to work from home.

          Rebecca Clake, research adviser at CIPD, said: “There are a range of options available to employers to enable them to balance the requirements of the business with the interests and needs of employees.

          “The key for employers is to plan ahead, set out clearly what the organisation’s approach is and the rationale behind this and then apply it consistently.”

          However, things may not be quite so easy for those in the public sector, especially those involved in transport.

          The survey found that 35 per cent of public sector employers said they were planning on restricting the amount of leave for employers during the Olympics to cope with the challenge.

          As well as helping to minimise travel times, it is thought that many employers want to make the opportunity to work from home a moral boost too as workers will be able to watch much of the Olympics while at home working.

          This goes for events such as the upcoming European Football Championships as well.

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