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        Online portal launched to boost flexible working

        Online portal launched to boost flexible working

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          An online portal has been launched by the Anywhere Working Consortium in order to help businesses move towards more flexible working practices.

          The initiative offers guidance, advice, case studies and training tools designed to aid businesses in cutting their carbon emissions through more efficient working.

          Norman Baker, the transport minister, said: “Working flexibly by using video conferences, webinars or cloud computing can help increase productivity as well as employee wellbeing, not to mention dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.”

          It is only recently that flexible and mobile working has taken off, as the technology has developed in order to make it possible.

          The benefits of the practice are widely believed to be felt by both companies and employees, as travel costs can be cut for both parties and it offers a more dynamic way of working.

          Mr Baker said: “It’s simply not necessary for us to always trudge to and from meetings when modern technology allows you to circumnavigate the globe virtually from the comfort of your front room, local coffee shop or when you’re on the move.”

          A number of innovative ideas are on the website in order to improve the practices of those already involved in flexible working, but also to get others onboard.

          Those who have always worked in the traditional nine to five office routine may find it hard to grasp being allowed to sit in a cafe at three o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon, but mutual trust between staff and bosses can make this a productive place to work.

          One of the tools available on the website allows staff to calculate the savings which would come from working from home.

          These savings are measured in money, carbon dioxide and time and when presented in this way make a very compelling argument for flexible working.

          Mr Baker said: “This interactive portal can help businesses reap these rewards.”

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