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        Online Training helps fast-track Learning Process

        Online Training helps fast-track Learning Process

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          Making the most of online training resources can help companies train large numbers of people in a relatively small timeframe, according to a market expert.

          Charlotte Wolff, training editor at online HR information provider XpertHR, said that making the most of online training and using it in the right way will help firms to engage many employees in shared offices in a shared exercise.

          She said: “The key point about online learning resources is that they can be beneficial, but only if the content is user-friendly and engaging. E-learning can be especially useful for large companies who have large amounts of information they want to get across to a group of employees, particularly if there is a limited timeframe.”

          It can also be beneficial for training employees who are spread across offices in different locations. Whether they are in office space in London, or office space in Milton Keynes, they will be able to access the same information and resources.

          A survey by XpertHR found that many companies are turning to online training in a bid to cut costs in the recession.

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