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        Open your company to the world through social media

        Open your company to the world through social media

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          Social media is a great way to connect with the wider world, so why not use your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts to open your office doors to the universe

          Giving people access to how you work and your team can be a great way to humanise your company and give it a personal touch.

          BE 21 Apr 2a

          While literally opening your doors and letting people in is a logistical and health and safety nightmare, by going virtual you can give everyone access without the hassle.

          Photos and videos
          Putting a face to a name is important if you want to connect with your customers and clients. Use Facebook and Pinterest to upload a picture a day of your staff and offices with a little bit of information about them.

          You can also use apps like Vine and Meerkat to post live videos from the office. These are great for special occasions like anniversaries, leaving parties and social events. You could take it a step further and host a live feed of one of your meetings and invite clients to watch online.

          While you’ll have your official news page on your website, social media is a great place to announce less formal news. It’s great for:

          • letting your followers know if someone in your office is getting married or has had a baby
          • introducing new staff members or saying goodbye to old ones
          • Christmas parties
          • moving offices

          The more your customers and clients feel they know you, the more they will trust you.

          A great way to start your online campaign is by hosting a guided tour of your offices. Simply use your phone to record a brief intro and trip around the offices and upload it.

          However, there are a few things to think about before-hand:

          • Make sure your office is looking its best – guided tours work well for companies that have something different about their offices like a bar or roof garden
          • Don’t be camera shy – get someone who can talk to camera and is interesting
          • Let everyone know – some people probably won’t want to feature or at least will want time to make themselves look their best

          Who’s doing what?
          You know what your job title means but not everyone will. Use your social media feeds to introduce people to the world and let them explain exactly what it is they do. This will also make it easier for potential clients to target the right person when coming to you with business.

          Twitter is a great place to hold a Q&A. Plan it at least a week in advance and get some prepared answers. Use hashtags and target key followers. However, try to avoid doing this if there’s any controversy surrounding your company as the internet can get nasty as firms people like Seaworld found out recently.

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