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Environmental & CSR News

Jan 07th 2020

Being green is good for business

It’s not easy being green – but it is good for business. Sustainability and green initiatives are beneficial not only for the environment, but for attracting talent and making impactful longer-term financial gains. We evaluate ...

Oct 20th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 13 – 93 eggs safely delivered!

Our last working day….. Last night we were on patrol from 7pm to 10pm however because the rain and lightning was getting closer and closer, this meant we had to wait for an hour and a half until we did one walk of the beach and that was it. No ...

Oct 19th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 12 – 86 turtle eggs moved to safety!

We were on the 2-5am patrol last night/this morning and we got very lucky with the weather and with turtles! Firstly, we came across an already buried nest which wasn’t in too good an area so therefore had to be excavated. I (Tom) pulled out 86 eggs ...

Oct 18th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Days 10/11 – 81 baby turtles released into the sea

After a much needed rest day on day 10 of their trip, our intrepid volunteers were back to work yesterday…. Yesterday (Wednesday) I (Meg) spent the majority of my day off at the clinic in Nicoya having X Rays and tests, and so the doctor could ...

Oct 16th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 9 – a broken rib and a baby armadillo!

Last night the yellow warning for flooding was no joke, the rain we had was ridiculous. Most of the track to the beach and to the main house was flooded, at one point it was so deep that it was up to our knees! I (Meg) had hatchery duties at 8pm and 9pm, ...

Oct 15th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 8 – and still it rains!

We didn’t have a patrol last night so we got a full nights sleep which was much needed! I (Tom) was then awake for 5:30am to start my duties on the rain gauge and turtle hatchery. We had a lot of rain, it was the second highest it’s ever been this season! ...

Oct 14th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 7 – Mangrove swamps and howler monkeys

Patrol last night was strange in that only one leader was available for the patrol, so that meant we had to walk the full length of the beach rather than just one half. By the time we got to the southern end of the beach, the heavens decided to open ...

Oct 13th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 6 – Babies 2, 3 and 4!

We did the 2am to 5am patrol, and we were so lucky to have a very clear night and the moon was shining bright. Sadly we didn’t see any turtles but did find a poached nest that had been predated by a dog or raccoon. We stayed up to catch the sunrise but ...

Oct 12th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 5 – Our first baby!

Today (Friday), we finished our patrol at 1am, sadly we didn’t see any turtles however the weather was good and we didn’t get too wet. I (Tom), had hatchery duty at 6am but no babies appeared, however to my delight there was a lonesome baby turtle ...

Oct 11th 2019

Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 4 – Turtle eggs galore!

Surreal, magical and indescribable! Last night (Wednesday) was our first patrol, we had the midnight until 3am shift, and when we got there our leader, Harriet, informed us that there was turtle on North Beach that the previous patrol had found. ...

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