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        Environmental & CSR News

        Nov 29th 2021

        Future-proof your business with a climate action strategy

        In the wake of the recent COP26 (Conference of the Parties – the decision-making body of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change), it has never been more important for individuals and businesses alike to reduce their carbon emissions. ...

        Oct 08th 2021

        BE Offices partners with Planet Mark for sustainability workshop

        Continuing our hybrid events programme, this week we ran a virtual sustainability workshop in partnership with Planet Mark, to learn more about what business can do to help address climate change. All businesses have a part to play in tackling ...

        Jun 15th 2021

        10 ways for your business to help improve air quality

        Air quality is not just an environmental issue, but an important health issue which affects us all. Air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths every day in the UK and has been recognised by the World Health Organisation and the UK Government ...

        Apr 29th 2021

        BE Offices furthers commitment to net zero status

        BE Offices has taken another step on its road to net zero status with 81% of its entire portfolio now powered by renewably sourced electricity. The company made a conscious decision as far back as 2018 to convert all centres, over which it has ...

        Jan 07th 2020

        Being green is good for business

        It’s not easy being green – but it is good for business. Sustainability and green initiatives are beneficial not only for the environment, but for attracting talent and making impactful longer-term financial gains. We evaluate ...

        Oct 20th 2019

        Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 13 – 93 eggs safely delivered!

        Our last working day….. Last night we were on patrol from 7pm to 10pm however because the rain and lightning was getting closer and closer, this meant we had to wait for an hour and a half until we did one walk of the beach and that was it. No ...

        Oct 19th 2019

        Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 12 – 86 turtle eggs moved to safety!

        We were on the 2-5am patrol last night/this morning and we got very lucky with the weather and with turtles! Firstly, we came across an already buried nest which wasn’t in too good an area so therefore had to be excavated. I (Tom) pulled out 86 eggs ...

        Oct 18th 2019

        Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Days 10/11 – 81 baby turtles released into the sea

        After a much needed rest day on day 10 of their trip, our intrepid volunteers were back to work yesterday…. Yesterday (Wednesday) I (Meg) spent the majority of my day off at the clinic in Nicoya having X Rays and tests, and so the doctor could ...

        Oct 16th 2019

        Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 9 – a broken rib and a baby armadillo!

        Last night the yellow warning for flooding was no joke, the rain we had was ridiculous. Most of the track to the beach and to the main house was flooded, at one point it was so deep that it was up to our knees! I (Meg) had hatchery duties at 8pm and 9pm, ...

        Oct 15th 2019

        Costa Rica 2019 volunteer trip – Day 8 – and still it rains!

        We didn’t have a patrol last night so we got a full nights sleep which was much needed! I (Tom) was then awake for 5:30am to start my duties on the rain gauge and turtle hatchery. We had a lot of rain, it was the second highest it’s ever been this season! ...

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