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Office Space News

Sep 15th 2020

Google boss says collaboration works better in the office

Google announced back in July that their staff will work from home until July 2021 at the earliest, however, the technology company has since warned that in the long-term remote working is expected to be detrimental both to the culture and productivity ...

Sep 14th 2020

How to recognise signs of stress amongst your remote workforce

Times are tough and it’s never been more important to keep an eye out for your staff’s wellbeing. Look out for these tell-tale signs to see if your WFH team is feeling the strain. Slipping standards
Have you noticed a usually high-performing ...

Sep 09th 2020

The many benefits of returning to the office

As the UK opens up for business, we look at the reasons why managers and their employees are keen to get back in the workplace. Some 60% of UK employees would return to work immediately if they could, according to a survey from financial services ...

Aug 18th 2020

The rise and rise of video calls

Following on from our recent feature on Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO of Zoom, we take a look at the data surrounding the meteoric rise of video calling. Almost half of the UK’s workforce have worked from home during the lockdown. We take a ...

Aug 18th 2020

A safe return to your workspace

The BE Offices’ teams are delighted to be welcoming back clients and staff to our workspace. Our facilities teams have worked hard to implement all the necessary precautions to make our workspace COVID-secure. The benefit of having ...

Aug 11th 2020

5 reasons you should be cycling to work

Are you ready to join the cycling revolution? From improvements to your health to saving on your commute, we take a look at some of the top reasons to swap cars and public transport for a cycling helmet… Roads are getting safer for cyclists
Many ...

Aug 06th 2020

Five minute business profile: Eric Yuan

We discover the story behind Eric Yuan and Zoom, the pandemic’s biggest business success story … Who is he?
Eric Yuan is the founder and CEO of Zoom, the video conferencing company that became a household name as the world lived and worked in lockdown. ...

Jul 27th 2020

New government funds to support your business through coronavirus

We look at some of the financial initiatives designed to boost a recovering economy. Loans, grants and overdrafts. There are a range of options available for small and medium-sized businesses looking to safeguard their businesses and maximise ...

Jul 14th 2020

Focus on: Bristol

Have you considered relocating your business to Bristol? Bristol has been a business hotspot for centuries. A city that was once defined by its port has modernised over the years to become the home of the UK’s aerospace engineering industry ...

Jul 09th 2020

5 ways coronavirus has reshaped company culture

As the economy attempts to recover from coronavirus, we ask how the pandemic will shape business for years to come. Compassionate leaders, a stronger bond between colleagues and healthier staff. We consider the different ways coronavirus ...

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