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Suite 5, Euston, £771 pws (12 months)
Suite 5, Euston, £771 pws (12 months)
Suite 6, Euston, £791 pws (12 months)
Suite 6, Euston, £791 pws (12 months)
Suite KP1, Marylebone, £714 pws (12 months)
Suite KP1, Marylebone, £714 pws (12 months)
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Office Space News

Jun 18th 2018

Changing your career in your 40s or 50s

Starting from scratch in a new career in your 40s or 50s can be a great adventure – but it can be daunting and competitive, too. Have a read of our guide to switching career mid-stream, to make the transition as smooth as possible. The era of one ...

Jun 14th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 10 – Reduce, reuse, recycle

In previous blog posts I have talked about the different projects that ReefCI are working on, but during our time here it has become evident that there is a great deal to be said about the running of the island itself. ReefCI want to lead by example ...

Jun 13th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 9 – She sells sea shells on the sea shore

*Tip: coffee can worsen sea sickness, so if it’s particularly choppy or if you suffer with it badly avoid it altogether  just before getting on the boat.Tuesday was conch dive day, our job for one of the dives would be to find out the number ...

Jun 13th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 8 – back to Tom Owen’s Caye

Another week in the office…. well on a desert island in the middle of the Caribbean! Monday morning Victoria and I had breakfast at a local cafe and went to the Hokey Pokey Water Taxi rank to meet the returning volunteers and new recruits. ...

Jun 12th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Weekend – Mayan ruins and torrential rain!

After a week on the reef our travellers returned to the mainland for the weekend and some recreational time off…… We went to some Mayan ruins on Saturday which were incredible, it was so interesting to learn about their history and the ...

Jun 11th 2018

Focus on….e-retailers…what do they do?

Electronic retailers are online businesses that sell their goods and services through the internet. As there aren’t any expensive overheads involved, such as renting a shop space, the day-to-day running costs of online retailers are ...

Jun 09th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 5 – batten down the hatches!

*Tip: When it rains, it pours on the island and you had better make sure you leave nothing on the washing line when it does as it may well not be there in the morning! Thursday started as the previous two days had done, a pre-dive snack at 6.30 followed ...

Jun 08th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 4 – Midweek madness – crash bang whallop!

*Tip: when diving or snorkelling, don’t touch anything and keep your limbs away from the coral. Many species of coral are venomous in order to protect them from predators. Pretty to look at, not to touch. Bad things come in threes so they ...

Jun 08th 2018

BE Offices Migrates to UltraSoft System

BE Offices (“BE”), the leading independent flexible space provider, today announces that it has moved to a new CRM software system provided by UltraSoft Technologies (“UltraSoft”). The system has been successfully implemented ...

Jun 07th 2018

Saving the ocean on World Oceans Day

To coincide with the BE Offices charity trip to a reef conservation project in Belize we are supporting World Oceans Day today. The ocean is said to occupy almost 71% of the world’s surface – yet only 10% of it has ever been explored ...

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