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        Poor health and motivation ‘costs UK firms £6bn a year’

        Poor health and motivation ‘costs UK firms £6bn a year’

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          Employee disengagement and poor health is costing the UK economy £6 billion every year, according to a new study.

          Bupa has said that workers are holding back from doing the best they can, as many feel their efforts will not be rewarded. In addition to this, many also admitted that poor healthcare was also stopping them from reaching their potential.

          The survey of 5,000 people found that less than one in ten were actually working to their full volume, while 27 per cent rated their productivity levels at no more than half of what it could be.

          Bupa’s corporate director Patrick Watt said: “This is a wake-up call for employers. This research shows that many employees are not engaged or motivated, which has a big impact on an organisation’s performance and productivity.

          “However, the good news for employers is that, by making even small changes to how they look after and value their employees, there are huge gains on offer,” he added.

          Mr Watt also called for businesses to invest in initiatives to “boost employee engagement”, which he said would allow firms to get the best out of their workforce in the long run.

          However, at the moment, many staff seem to feel as though little is being done to help them, with 41 per cent of respondents saying they believed that when it came to wellbeing, it was a case of all talk and no action. Similarly, a third of workers said that they thought their manager was out of their depth when it came to looking after their health.

          The findings highlight that much needs to change in order for there to be a shift in attitude among many workers in shared offices – and that this should really start with businesses showing their employees that they intend to look after them

          A recent survey by Investors In People found that nearly half of its respondents were considering leaving their jobs in the new year, citing underappreciation as one of the reasons why they were looking to pastures new.

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