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        Positive moves towards pay rises

        Positive moves towards pay rises

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          Intentions to increase pay by employers has risen 15 per cent since January, according to a new survey, which represents a tentative move towards positivity in the employment market.

          The findings are published in the global HR reflections survey carried out by ORC International and mean that some workers could receive a pay rise equal or above that experienced in recent years.

          As many employees have faced pay cuts or freezes recently and others have been made redundant, the findings are a good sign for many.

          Kate Pritchard, director of ORC International’s Employee Research division, said: “While money is not everything, this trend does seem to suggest that things may be looking up in the private sector.”

          Professionals in the HR industry who were interviewed for the survey also saw growth for their companies in the future, with 53 per cent predicting it in the coming year.

          Despite the fact that many offices and workplaces up and down the country have faced cuts to staff and resources, 50 per cent of respondents believed the performance of their organisation was better than 12 months ago.

          On top of pay rises, almost one-fifth of employers expect to be able to pay bonuses to staff on a similar level to those experienced in the past.

          The number of employers who will have to make redundancies is down from 37 per cent to 30 per cent in the UK, but this is still a lot higher than the global average of 12 per cent.

          Intentions to increase staff have dropped lower than last year, but 44 per cent of employers foresee keeping levels of staff the same for the next 12 months.

          It comes as many workers have walked out on strike today up and down the country with regard to pay.

          Ms Pritchard said: “To give more money to employees, organisations must have more funds to spend, which points to the possibilities of continued growth and optimism going forward on a global level.”

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