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        Prepare for Green Office Week with handy tips for the workplace

        Prepare for Green Office Week with handy tips for the workplace

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          In these days of increasing environmental awareness, it is as important to be green in the office as anywhere else.

          And with Green Office Week just around the corner, there is no better time to get started on making your office-space more eco-friendly.

          Hippy Shopper suggested five easy ways to become greener at work.

          Reducing the amount of paper used in the workplace was one of the main tips, as well as properly recycling any paper which is used. It is not yet possible to live in a paper-free world, but we can make the most of that which we do use.

          Investing in an eco-friendly kettle was another suggestion. Considering the amount of tea made in most offices, this would be a sound investment for many companies! Using proper cups instead of plastic ones also helps cut down on waste.

          Simple things like switching off computers, printers and photocopiers overnight can make a big difference to power consumption, as does turning down the heating, the piece advises.

          Green Office Week will take place from Monday, May 9th, until Friday, May 13th. It is now in its third year.

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