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        Public not taken in by businesses’ green claims

        Public not taken in by businesses’ green claims

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          The public are well aware of environmental issues and do not get taken in by glossy public relations material that claims to show a business’s environmentally-conscious side.

          Consumers want to see companies take positive steps towards reducing their carbon footprints and actions speak louder than words.

          Demands from increasingly environmentally-aware people could force many businesses to leverage modern technologies to ensure their office spaces are as green as they can be.

          According to the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), the public are not ignorant and businesses cannot pull the wool over their eyes easily.

          Alex Randall, a spokesperson for the CAT, said: “They know an advertising campaign when they see one and I think they will remain unconvinced until they see actual evidence of companies taking it seriously.

          “I don’t think people will ever be convinced by a quick bit of public relations because a company needs to look green that month.”

          Siemens and the Carbon Trust recently announced a partnership aimed at getting more eco-friendly equipment into Britain’s service office spaces.

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