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        Public Sector Funding Cuts and Space Saving

        Public Sector Funding Cuts and Space Saving

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          Hot desking and mobile working could become more prevalent for local authorities and other public sector bodies as they face further need to find savings in accommodation costs, it has been claimed.

          Ken Eastwood, of Public Sector Nomads, said that he saw a lot of changes being made with regards to accommodation in the public sector.

          Speaking at the SmartGov Live conference, he said: “In year one of the comprehensive spending review phase there have been a lot of brutal cost reductions, but the next three will also be very difficult. We are going to look at how we can share accommodation with public sector partners.”

          He added that an increase in mobile technology was making it possible for organisations to reduce their office space, making wider use of hot desking, and making the case for increased mobile and flexible working.

          Transport secretary Philip Hammond said recently that companies should try and have as many people as possible working from home during next year’s Olympics to avoid excess congestion in the capital

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