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        Public sector workers would take a cut in pay over pensions

        Public sector workers would take a cut in pay over pensions

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          Employees working in the public sector would prefer to have their pay cut than their pensions, according to new research.

          Badenoch & Clark found that 44.9 per cent of public sector workers wanted to hold onto their pension packages.

          The study also revealed that a 25 per cent of senior public sector workers were so proud of their benefits packages, they believed that the private sector’s version was no match to theirs.

          Worryingly, the report also showed that there were huge problems in the workplace for employees. Over 73.3 per cent of those interviewed believed that morale was average to poor.

          Nicola Linkleter, MD at Badenoch & Clark, said: “The public sector remains in a state of crisis. With morale low, further cuts looming, and pension contributions set to rise exponentially, managers must continue to ensure that workers understand the future direction and opportunities within the sector.

          “The need for careful, grassroots change management is absolute.”

          Trade union leaders have warned that more public sector strikes could take place this autumn after the government refused to back down over its plans to curb public-sector pensions.

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