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        Recommended reads for new managers

        Recommended reads for new managers

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          The perfect books for business success.

          Learn from the best as you step into a new leadership role…

          The Making of a Manager – Julie Zho
          Julie Zho faced the same problems endured by many new managers when she was asked to lead a top tech team. From the transition of colleague to boss, to firing someone she liked, The Making of a Manager is the executive’s guide to navigating tricky situations that your career has yet to prepare you for.

          Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself – Michael Michalowicz
          Michalowicz teaches leaders to make their employees act like owners and prevent the need to micromanage while drawing on more than six years of research. His techniques are designed with the ultimate aim of freeing up your time to concentrate on life’s essential tasks.

          Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader – Herminia Ibarra
          Herminia Ibarra is a renowned professor at a leading business school with bold ideas on how to change your thinking in order to flourish as a manager. Chapters in the book are dedicated to redefining your work, to making more strategic contributions and diversifying your network to learn from a wider range of professionals.

          Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behaviour – Thomas Erikson
          Rather than a hardback focusing on insulting your colleagues, Surrounded by Idiots teaches its readers about the different ways people function. If you find yourself frustrated when working with others, Erikson’s Red, Blue, Green and Yellow personality system may help improve your communication skills.

          First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently – Gallup
          On the surface, the world’s most successful business leaders are an odd ensemble. But the Gallup Organisation suggests they all share one thing in common; a readiness to break the rules. This popular, no-nonsense guide is aimed at managers of all levels with practical advice on how to apply its career lessons to your own situation.

          Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation – Dan Schawbel
          Did Dan Schawbel have the foresight to predict a global pandemic back in 2018? We think not, but his lessons on building successful working relationships have never been so relevant to the business climate today. Through research involving over 2,000 managers and employees from across the world, Schawbel has devised his own theories about the impact of social interactions on productivity.

          Welcome to Management: How to Grow from Top Performer to Excellent Leader – Ryan Hawk
          Anyone who listens to The Learning Leader Show podcast will be familiar with Ryan Hawk. The business guru has compiled his framework for new managers by drawing on interviews with over 300 forward-thinking leaders. Flick through insightful case studies and revealing interviews to learn how to build and lead your team, and how to lead yourself.


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