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        Mobile working changes could create uncertainty

        Mobile working changes could create uncertainty

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          The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has criticised proposed government changes to employment rules which say that flexible working should be available for all employees.

          David Frost, director general of the BCC, said that “tinkering” with employment legislation at a time when the economy is still shaky would create uncertainty for employers and prevent growth of the economy.

          The government has launched a consultation to discuss the proposals, which would see flexible working, including mobile working, open to all. It could mean that anyone would have the chance to cut to part-time hours or work during term-time only. Currently this privilege is only extended to parents with children under the age of 17

          Mr Frost said: “At a time when the government is looking to reduce unemployment, making further changes to employment legislation is absurd. We have to ask the government what level of growth they expect to see from businesses dealing with yet more regulation.”

          The Teleworking Association said recently that employers should realise that providing mobile working for all workers, rather than just parents could be beneficial to a business.

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