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        Research shows staff rate perks over pay

        Research shows staff rate perks over pay

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          The majority of people would accept another job with no salary increase if the staff benefits were better than their current role, research has shown.

          A survey by Canada Life showed that more than half of employees would consider a move for more valuable benefits even if the salary was the same as their current job. Some would even take a pay cut in order to improve the benefits on offer to them in the workplace, HR Magazine reported.

          The survey found that 61 per cent of people take benefits into account when considering a new job, up from 52 per cent when the survey was last completed in 2009. Canada Life told the news provider it believed this was because harder economic times were making people think about the value of benefits on offer to them.

          Paul Avis, director at Canada Life, said: “Over the past few years people’s priorities have changed. In the past many employees would be tempted to accept a new job based purely upon the salary that was offered. However the uncertain job market and rising cost of living has meant that people look for the additional benefits that an employer offers.”

          The most popular employee benefits among staff are a final salary pension, flexible working schemes, holiday entitlement of over 21 days, bonuses and employee car schemes, according to About Employee Benefits.

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