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        Respect your hosts, mobile workers urged

        Respect your hosts, mobile workers urged

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          By nature, mobile workers find themselves conducting work-related tasks in a variety of different locations.

          These may include the home, train services, hotel rooms and hired meeting rooms. But commonly, mobile workers may spend time in someone else’s office.

          If employees are required to work from a client, partner or supplier’s offices, they should take care to adhere to a number of basic principles.

          This can avoid upsetting the other party, which has kindly offered up the use of its own facilities for the benefit of mobile workers.

          Speaking to the Financial Times, PA Consulting’s David Stansell highlighted the importance of following their office rules and respecting business etiquette.

          “Be more aware of the cultural environment,” he urged.

          “Follow the social conventions more closely than you would [at base] and go into the office organised with a list of things to do.”

          Mr Stansell suggested that working in another company’s office can provide a great opportunity to establish stronger working relationship.

          But in order for this to be achieved, mobile workers need to ensure they blend in and make a good impression with their host.

          He urged employees to ensure they are fully equipped with the tools they need to work remotely – such as smartphones, laptops and dongles.

          Using their own mobile broadband connection is advisable, Mr Stansell suggested, as this avoids using any of their host’s data allowance.

          “Make sure you have little things that let you work effectively,” he added.

          “Examples are applications for expenses, or the ability to handle images so you don’t have to deal with loads of paper.”

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