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        Retail Gazette: E-retail is the place to be

        Retail Gazette: E-retail is the place to be

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          Online and mobile commerce is something that all companies should seriously consider adding to their existing business structures because of a shift in consumer habits, suggests Retail Gazette.

          E-retail is seen as driving the retail industry at the moment and companies not operating their business and services online are missing out.

          However, there were signs that this was changing.

          Ben Sillitoe, editor of Retail Gazette, said that consumer demand was stimulating “huge technological advancement across the industry” and that “all retailers were focusing on multichannel development as a tool for growth”.

          Mr Sillitoe said: “You’ve got some huge companies in retail, like, Amazon, and Ebay, which are the major success stories within the industry at the moment, and it appears that most of the bricks-and-mortar retailers are also developing their multichannel capabilities as well.”

          The Retail Eyes & Retail Gazette Salary survey recently suggested that in the 16 months since the UK had left recession in January 2010, those in the e-retail sector had seen a marked improvement in their working conditions.

          A whopping 64 per cent of employees received a pay rise in that period.

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