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        Retail Trust assists businesses caught up in UK riots

        Retail Trust assists businesses caught up in UK riots

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          The Retail Trust has published guidance and set up a support network to help retail businesses hit by the riots deal with damage to property and staff morale.

          This includes helping managers direct their employees to the relevant support service where it is most needed.

          It has also launched a campaign to raise funds for those that have been seriously affected by the unprecedented chaos that erupted in London and other UK cities over the past few nights.

          Nigel J L Rothband, chief executive officer of the Retail Trust, said that they had received calls from people who had been directly affected by the riots who were concerned about their own personal security, their jobs and what might happen next.

          He said: “The effect of such extreme impact on their workplaces can be in the same traumatic vein as suffering a robbery or violence in store, invading, as such activity does, the personal space in which people are used to feeling safe and comfortable.”

          Retail Trust is a charity that looks after all three million people working in retail, plus those retired from the sector and its associated businesses.

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