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        Right Corecare: Work-life integration is the key to happiness

        Right Corecare: Work-life integration is the key to happiness

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          Integrating work and life is the key for staff to be happy in their office space in London and the rest of the UK, according to employee assistance company Right Corecare.

          The work-life balance, in which the two are separate, is unachievable, the company said, and therefore employers must help their staff find a way in which the two can co-exist, in order to reduce stress and improve productivity.

          Clinical director Kevin Friery said: “It’s quite difficult to separate the two out; they’re knitted together. One of the things we find, for instance, is that when people come to us because they are suffering at work, or struggling at work, or their productivity has dropped, 85 per cent of that is because of issues that aren’t caused by work. They are caused by things outside of work, but they come to work with them; difficult relationships, financial problems, whatever else.”

 found that 37 per cent of people have ‘workplace stress’, which they take home with them each night. Many people also take problems in their home life into work with them, making it difficult to concentrate and work effectively.

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