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        Rise in mental health issues at work

        Rise in mental health issues at work

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          The rise in mental illness is affecting productivity in the workplace, according to a report published by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

          In the report, which is entitled Sick of the Job? Myths and Realities about Mental Health at Work, it found that one in five workers in the UK suffer from mental illness.

          Depression and anxiety means that many of these workers are finding it difficult to cope and tasks which should be quite commonplace become a big issue for them.

          When compared to workers without mental health issues, three in four of those afflicted experience a reduction in productivity, whereas one in four other workers reported the same problem.

          Absence from the office is also more likely to occur among those with mental health problems and this extends to longer periods of time off as well.

          In countries which are covered by the OECD, 30 per cent to 50 per cent of new disability benefit claims come as a result of mental illness.

          OECD is an organisation designed to help influence policies which will benefit the well being and economics of people in a number of different countries.

          The majority of people who have a mental disorder do still work and it is important to raise awareness of the issues associated with it and put measures in place to help workers cope.

          Challenging myths surrounding mental health is necessary and policy needs to be put in place in order to change the mindset of those who encounter, but do not understand the issue.

          A gap in the economy has been created by the fact unemployment rates are higher for those with mental health disorders than those without to the tune of two or three times.

          The current economic situation and added pressure on those in the workplace does not help those who are suffering from mental illness and is expected to see a further rise in the number of cases.

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