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        Roboboss keeps an eye on staff

        Roboboss keeps an eye on staff

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          Just because the boss spends a lot of their time away from the office mobile working does not mean that they are not keeping an eye on their staff, as one employer in Texas has proved.

          Richard Garriott keeps the staff at his video game development company on their toes with a robot version of himself which patrols the office.

          While working from his home in New York Mr Garriott can take part in meetings or have conversations with his 25 staff through the robot, which was developed by Anybots Inc.

          He can direct the robot from anywhere with internet access and plot its course across the office of his company, Portalarium.

          It has long been the opinion of some that in the future robots will take over the jobs of humans and they have already been used to do dangerous jobs to protect the lives of humans, like going into the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor.

          Mr Garriott told the Huffington Post: “When I’m up north, I log in, in the morning and can meander over to anyone’s desk and really be a part of the casual conversations that are so essential to our work.”

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