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        Serviced office vs standard office: What’s the difference?

        Serviced office vs standard office: What’s the difference?

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          Running a business can become hectic from time to time. Stressful, not to mention time-consuming, every entrepreneur needs to reduce the hassle as much as possible. This is why renting serviced offices has many advantages over traditional office space, as it’s a sure-fire way to cut unnecessary work pressures.

          We’ve highlighted some of the key benefits to renting managed office space, so you can concentrate on the important job of growing your business.

          Flexible contracts

          A significant advantage with serviced offices is choosing the length of your lease. This makes it a perfect choice for a new business, or for a company that’s expanding rapidly: you can downsize or upsize quickly in accordance with your business plan, even if it changes suddenly.

          A smaller business with remote staff can also benefit from having a central office space as a base for employees to use a few days a week, when needed.

          Managed offices can be incredibly flexible, so you can negotiate a contract for your business, according to your current needs: you can choose a long-term or short-term lease, depending on your business plan and whether you see it changing in the foreseeable future.

          Data shows the average lease for a managed office space is between one and three years, so this makes it an ideal option for SMEs and other businesses who wish to scale up.

          Another advantage is that you have the flexibility to create your own look and emphasise company branding by customising your workspace.

          Happy boss at work

          Keep on top of your finances

          With a serviced office, pay for just the space you need, to help keep costs down and free up money for other priorities within your company. The costs are all included in a simple monthly or quarterly fee.

          There are no hidden expenses, and you’ll know exactly where you are with money, giving you total control. Your budget will be more transparent, and you will be able to contact someone to provide everything you need and deal with any issues.

          Rent, utilities, on-site security and allocated parking won’t be something you need to worry about in most setups.

          If your business is growing, you won’t be trapped in a small office because you’ve signed up to a long-term contract. You will be able to move seamlessly to suitable larger office space, often in the same building, enabling you to keep your expenses in line with your income and needs.

          Less downtime

          There’s almost no downtime when you move into a new serviced office. Normally, with traditional corporate offices, there can be a long delay while you set up your workspace. This means dissatisfied customers and employees having little to do until the equipment is set up and internet installed.

          With a serviced office, all the amenities will be ready to go, so new occupants can move in and start working almost immediately. The office will already have internet access, telecoms connections and furniture included in the package.

          You will normally use your own computers, so all you’ll need to do is spend a moment setting them up and linking to the network before you can start work again.

          This setup is hard to beat when you’re looking to maintain your operations without downtime. As a third party, your office provider is doing all the work, so your business can be up and running in no time once you’ve moved in.

          When choosing what’s right for you and your business, serviced office space is a means of adapting to modern working trends.

          Networking and collaboration

          If you’re looking for office space in Paddington, BE Offices is a leading provider of serviced offices in thriving Merchant Square in the W2 district.

          Be part of a vibrant ecosystem, filled with diverse professional communities, with networking at your fingertips. With so much potential for collaborations and valuable business connections, our serviced offices create a positive environment to facilitate growth.



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