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        Serviced offices: Helping your business save money

        Serviced offices: Helping your business save money

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          Finding a suitable office for your business can be time-consuming and sometimes costly. As well as paying the rent, you also need to spend money on furniture, utilities and maintenance, not to mention insurance and cleaning costs.

          Under the circumstances, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of businesses are considering serviced offices as a viable and cost-effective alternative.

          What are serviced offices?

          A serviced office doesn’t have a fixed lease and users pay only for the area they require. Normally rented on a monthly basis per desk, this enables you to increase the space required as your company grows without incurring a lot of expense.

          If you’re wondering what is included in serviced offices, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Complete with office furniture, kitchen areas, free-flow tea and coffee, breakout spaces and high-speed internet; all the services are usually provided on an all-inclusive basis. Some places offer extras such as free onsite gyms and free community events.

          You can move into a workspace that’s ready to use, safe in the knowledge that the property is being expertly managed at every level by the building operator.

          Why choose serviced office facilities?

          In a nutshell, a serviced office can help save your business money. It’s a way of working from a modern office, with first-rate amenities, at a fraction of the cost of traditional office space.

          How to save money for a business is something everyone needs to consider, especially in today’s challenging climate, but it follows that cutting costs can’t cause a deterioration in the quality of service.

          Saving money with services offices

          There are multiple benefits of serviced offices, not least is that you pay only for the space required. An all-inclusive monthly fee will cover everything you need, making balancing your finances much simpler.

          Enjoy fixed rates with utility bills included, so there won’t be any nasty surprises. The fee covers facilities such as meeting rooms, the kitchen, cleaning, reception cover and more.

          Serviced offices are completely equipped spaces that are maintained by the management company and not you. On-site staff will cater for your every need, with no agent fees required, so you have no need to worry about maintenance costs or any other aspect of managing your workspace.

          Do serviced offices pay business rates?

          When your company rents out a standard corporate office, there will be multiple different costs, including business rates and all the regular utilities.

          The business rates are based on the value of the property, so if it increases, so will your rates in a normal office. Of course, the cost of electricity, gas and water rates can fluctuate wildly. You only have to look at how much prices have gone up over the past couple of years to understand how this can negatively impact your business.

          When you’re based in a serviced office, you’ll pay fixed business rates and utility bills. This means while you’re in a fixed rental period, you won’t pay anything extra. If the business rates and utility bills do increase, the office provider stands the costs and not you.

          Convenient networking opportunities

          Working from serviced offices will give you access to unparalleled networking resources that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

          It’s possible you could achieve additional income sources, or win new clients, by collaborating with and talking to the other people in the office.

          Many serviced offices have vibrant communities and host regular events to create socialising and networking opportunities. You’re likely to meet many different types of business owners such as start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and even large companies, many of whom employ remote-working staff these days.

          For businesses looking for high quality serviced offices, London has some of the finest, including BE Offices’ Victoria workspace in SW1. Located near Victoria Station and St James’s Park underground station, it’s a fantastic spot that’s around eight minutes’ walk from the Houses of Parliament.

          We provide seven floors of flexible workspace, offering suites of between one and 100 desks that will suit businesses of all sizes. With large onsite meeting facilities and plenty of shared breakout space, our building on Victoria Street is home to a thriving business community.

          We also host regular events to help organic relationships to begin and flourish. There’s also 10 Gbps internet connectivity, providing ultra-fast speeds in every office. Choosing BE Offices means excellent service is guaranteed – which is one reason why people stay with us for an average of more than three years.


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