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        Serviced Offices in St James’s

        St James’s Office Space

        High quality but affordable workspace in St James’s in London. Choose from a comprehensive range of options from 1 – 100 desks.

        Area Guide


        About St James’s

        Nestled in the heart of Westminster, St. James’s exudes an air of timeless elegance and refinement. This historic neighbourhood, steeped in tradition and prestige, is renowned for its regal charm, exclusive clubs, and upscale boutiques.

        At the heart of St. James’s lies St. James’s Palace, a royal residence since the 16th century and a symbol of the area’s aristocratic heritage. Nearby, St. James’s Park offers a serene oasis amidst the bustling city, with its lush greenery, scenic lake, and iconic views of Buckingham Palace.

        St. James’s is also home to some of London’s most exclusive gentlemen’s clubs, including the historic White’s Club and the prestigious Carlton Club, which have long been gathering places for the city’s elite. The neighbourhood’s elegant streets are dotted with luxury shops, art galleries, and antique dealers, making it a haven for discerning shoppers and collectors.

        Culinary delights abound in St. James’s, with a wealth of Michelin-starred restaurants, cozy gastropubs, and stylish cafes offering a diverse array of dining experiences. Whether savouring haute cuisine or enjoying a traditional British afternoon tea, visitors are sure to delight in the area’s culinary offerings.

        From its regal landmarks to its refined dining and shopping options, St. James’s exudes an understated luxury and sophistication that continues to attract discerning visitors from around the world, offering a glimpse into London’s aristocratic past and contemporary glamour.


        0.73 miles from St James's
        83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW

        A very popular serviced office centre in this vibrant area of SW1. Quality yet highly affordable workspace, with multiple break-out areas.

        FROM £250 PER DESK

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