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        Sister’s Doing it for Themselves, Not Each Other

        Sister’s Doing it for Themselves, Not Each Other

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          Women are just as likely to face discrimination in the workplace from other women as they do from men, according to a recent survey by serviced office provider Business Environment.

          An independent survey of 1,500 people found that more than a quarter of women (26.5 per cent)  would be reluctant to employ a woman of child-bearing age, with a fifth (20.1 per cent) saying they would think twice about hiring a woman if she was recently married.

          Over confident women were 35 per cent less likely to be hired by a fellow woman whilst only 32.6 per cent of men would be put off by a woman they considered “too confident”.

          Commenting on the findings of the survey Nazia Ahmed, Business Environment’s HR Director, said: “All forms of sexual discrimination are bad, but people sometimes overlook the fact that men aren’t the only offenders. Women can face all kinds of problems in the workplace, including under-representation in boardrooms and unequal pay compared to men – so it seems doubly sad that some women are compounding the problem by discriminating against members of their own gender.”

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