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        Six kids’ dream jobs that actually exist!

        Six kids’ dream jobs that actually exist!

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          While many children dream of one day becoming a famous ballet dancer or footballer, a firefighter or doctor, others have more…creative ideas for their future roles. But what if we told you that some of these wacky jobs actually exist?

          Do you remember what you would reply when someone asked you, aged 6, what you wanted to be when you grow up? You might have responded with ‘Lego maker’, ‘chocolate taster’ or even ‘super hero’.

          Young pretty businesswoman sitting on top of building with colorful balloons flying above

          While becoming a super hero may be difficult (unless it’s Halloween), you may be surprised that other former dream jobs of yours are actually possible. Here are six dream jobs that people can actually make a living from:

          1. Water slide tester

          Travelling from place to place for some sun-soaked thrill-seeking at water parks is many kids’ idea of a dream job.

          The British company First Choice is one of the first businesses to open up the position of Water Slide Tester, in which the chosen candidate must test of new water park slides and rides and report on their experience and any safety concerns to the company.

          They must also rate the rides according to certain criteria, including ‘biggest splash’ and ‘adrenaline factor’. In order to make an accurate judgement on the slide or ride, the professional tester must take multiple goes. Sounds like a tough life, doesn’t it?

          2. Chocolatier

          A chocolatier is somebody who makes confectionery out of chocolate. Unlike a chocolate maker who creates chocolate from cacao beans, a chocolatier is like an artist or sculptor who uses chocolate as their medium.

          It might sound like an easy job, but in order to be a great chocolatier, you need creativity, a steady hand and, most importantly, lots of patience. Hours, months and even years can be spent experimenting with flavours, textures and colours in the kitchen.

          We still think it would be worth it though, to spend every day sampling delicious home-made chocolate!

          3. Bubblegum blower

          The title ‘Bubblegum blower’ might immediately make you think of Roald Dahl’s crazy character Violet Beauregarde, but it’s actually a very important job.

          Gum companies have to make sure that the bubblegum they supply to customers has the perfect flavour and bubble-blowing capacity before it makes it to shelves. After the scientists have tinkered with their recipe to create great gum, professional bubblegum testers have to check its flavour, consistency and sweetness and sourness levels.

          It may sound like a simple job – chewing gum and blowing bubbles all day – but each new candidate must undergo six months of training to learn the scales, tasting techniques and terminology used to evaluate the gum. Phew!

          4. Video game tester

          For many kids, this is the ultimate dream job. Can it really be, that you can get paid to play video games from the comfort of your sofa or bedroom desk all day?

          Not quite, but it’s still a dream job for gaming enthusiasts.

          During the design and production of video games, the company has to make sure the user journey runs smoothly and that it’s enjoyable for players.

          Testers have to be very meticulous in seeking out any software defects and bugs in the game – so it’s not just a question of playing a game right through from start to finish. If you enjoy tinkering with games and scouring storylines for imperfections, this job could be perfect for you!

          5. Lego sculptor

          Imagine being paid to build Lego for hours a day! For many children and adults alike, this is a dream career. But how about becoming a certified Lego constructor and making your dream a reality?

          Professional Lego builders have to construct a whole manner of things, from life-size caravans for Lego conventions to characters like Scooby-Doo for Warner Brothers Studios.

          In order to thrive as a Lego builder, you need a keen eye of detail, a great imagination and the ability to meet deadlines. Still sound like fun and games?

          6. Detective

          Childhood admiration for famous fictional detectives such as Inspector Clouseau, Sherlock Holmes and the Scooby-Doo gang often leads to an interest in becoming a real-life detective.

          Of course, it won’t come as a huge surprise that this is a possible career path for inquisitive and clear-headed adults. To become a detective there are many routes. You can choose to be self-employed, to work for a special agency or even within the government.

          To become a special agent, it takes many years of dedicated work. For many, the ultimate dream is to work for the FBI or for the Secret Services – James Bond style.


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