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        Age Charity: Skills more Important in Workforce

        Age Charity: Skills more Important in Workforce

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          An age charity has urged employers to steer away from pigeonholing older workers in office space in London and around the UK because of their age, instead asking them to focus on the skills these workers can provide when considering recruitment or promotion opportunities.

          Anchor wants to see a level playing field for all workers, regardless of their age. They say work should be based on ability and skill over the year a person was born.

          Chief executive Jane Ashcroft said: “Our plea is that a job should be given to the right person; the decision shouldn’t be made about whether somebody is ‘too old’ or ‘too young’.”

          The Telegraph carried a story this week which said that claims against employers for age discrimination had shot up by 164 per cent, after workers realised they had been unfairly selected for redundancy.

          The Press Association recently reported that the Manheim University in Germany conducted research which showed that older workers were no less able to carry out jobs than their younger counterparts. In fact, it found that they worked harder than young employees.

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