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        Small businesses ’embracing virtual offices successfully’

        Small businesses ’embracing virtual offices successfully’

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          Small businesses are reaping the benefits of virtual offices, according to the team behind the National Business Awards.

          Bosses of such businesses are quick to take advantage of the flexibility afforded by virtual offices, which allow them the opportunity to “launch quickly and less expensively” than they have done so traditionally in the past.

          Alex Evans, editorial director and co-chair of the National Business Awards, explained that the web had helped businesses to “hit the ground running” and “to expand their customer base and innovate around search”.

          In short, smaller businesses are a lot more “web-savvy” than they used to be.

          Mr Evans explained: “With the infrastructure of cloud computing you’ve got virtual offices with production in one barn in Somerset, you’ve got management in London, the customer service team might be based in another country overseas anyway, and it’s all being held together by these virtual solutions.

          “From that point of view I think savvy, more agile businesses are certainly seeing growth a lot quicker.”

          The National Business Awards finalists were announced on August 2nd 2011, with a notable increase in the proportion of smaller businesses nominated, many of which have launched within the last two years.

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