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        Smartphone adoption ‘to rise in 2013’

        Smartphone adoption ‘to rise in 2013’

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          The number of mobile workers utilising smartphones is set to increase during 2013, it has been predicted.

          Deloitte expects shipment growth to continue over the coming year, as more professional people and consumers purchase handheld devices.

          The Big Four firm says smartphones are becoming a “mass market phenomenon” and an everyday object around the world, reports the Guardian.

          It expects one billion devices to be sold in 2013 – the first time the market has reached this milestone.

          By the end of this year, Deloitte believes there will be more than two billion smartphones with a touch screen or alphabet keyboard in use around the globe.

          The firm thinks users will be attracted by falling prices and increased network coverage, since they will be able to get online in more locations around the UK.

          Many of the smartphones sold during 2013 will be used by mobile workers, seeking to be productive on the move or at remote locations away from the office.

          However, Deloitte noted that not everyone will use their smartphone in the same way.

          The firm claimed that a fifth of device owners will largely overlook their device’s internet function – using their smartphone simply for calls and texts.

          Paul Lee, Deloitte telecoms research head, said some people are essentially using a traditional feature phone in a smartphone casing.

          “Smartphone penetration goes up but data plan penetration doesn’t go up as quickly,” he stated.

          “Not every mobile will be used in the same way.”

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