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        SMEs can boost their green credentials with video conferencing

        SMEs can boost their green credentials with video conferencing

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          The environmental impact of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can be dramatically reduced through the use of video conferencing, an expert has said.

          With energy efficiency and the economy hot topics, Darren Clare, head of information technology at Zycko, has spoken out about the benefits of video conferencing.

          He said: “Video conferencing solutions for desktop, mobile and boardroom-style systems … can encourage mobile and homeworking.”

          One of the ways in which the technology can be used is to provide seamless communication between those working in the office and mobile workers.

          More business understanding can be achieved through video conferencing than over the telephone or in emails as it simulates a face-to-face meeting.

          In terms of cutting down on the use of energy, Mr Clare says cloud-based use of the technology leads to reduced electricity consumption.

          This is even better for the environment on top of the fact that being able to see and communicate with clients in this way already cuts down on the need for business travel.

          Mr Clare said: “The benefits of this include reduced commuting and money for petrol and so on.”

          Employees can be more productive by using video conferencing as they can fit in more meetings with clients in a shorter space of time as they are not having to travel between each one.

          Deals can be proposed, debated and finalised all in one day as time is not taken in order to wait for responses and each party involved can be consulted.

          Individual companies are looking towards cutting back on their energy usage as prices rise and become a bigger outlay for firms.

          Since the government is working towards targets set out by the European Union to cut carbon emissions by 2020, businesses are also trying to contribute to this and video conferencing could be part of the answer.

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