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        SMEs could benefit in new government strategy

        SMEs could benefit in new government strategy

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          Small and medium businesses who may be based in serviced offices could see a boost to help them succeed in the global economy, after the government announced the introduction of its Britain Open for Business strategy.

          Lord Digby Jones, former minister for UK trade and investment, told BBC’s Wake up to Money that government support for businesses will increase as part of the strategy, and it will see small businesses in this country compete alongside other European countries such as France.

          He said: “The government support helps the small business [and puts] about £6 billion into the economy. What they are saying is ‘That’s big stuff, let’s double it in the next five years.’ For a pound that you or I invest in UK trade investment – which is our taxes – the pound that we put in gets about £19 back for the economy. If anybody listening to this thinks ‘Does my job depend on export?’, you bet it does.”

          The former minister added that businesses needed a boost because of a declining number of skilled workers. With just 55 per cent of students leaving school at 16 with a C or above in maths and English, the country needs to up trade as it cannot rely on highly-skilled workers, he said.

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