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        SMEs need to Up their Game when Applying for Finance

        SMEs need to Up their Game when Applying for Finance

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          Small and medium businesses which are based in serviced offices around the UK need to change their tack when applying for finance, according to an expert in the field.

          Phil McCabe, spokesman of the Forum of Private Businesses, said the SMEs were struggling when it came to acquiring finance, and they needed to up their game in order to gain better results.

          Businessmen and women who run small companies need to think about how they produce and present financial information to encourage banks to agree to their needs in this challenging economic climate.

          He added: “Small firms are still struggling to even get in a situation where they can negotiate funding from the major banks. The problem we are finding is the breakdown of information in terms of how risk is judged and how accurately risk is judged. Often banks, with the erosion of local decision making, aren’t in a position to judge risk accurately when it comes to small businesses in local areas.”

          Many small businesses have managed to adapt to survive the recession, according to research by Aviva, but as the country emerges from recession, businesses need to invest to recover. This can be difficult if they do not have the right approach to borrowing.

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