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        SMEs must use old IT equipment to avoid ‘mixed environment’

        SMEs must use old IT equipment to avoid ‘mixed environment’

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          People running small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from serviced offices are being urged to reuse their old IT equipment to avoid having an old and new culture in the office, Return on IT has suggested.

          The regeneration service provider said that having a ‘mixed environment’ of old and new could be difficult to manage so it could be easier to have just one type of equipment.

          Andrew Boddington, marketing director for the service, said: “Often small companies don’t have the money to always upgrade and they’ve got one person who manages a few pieces of equipment very well. For medium-large organisations, once one or two pieces are coming to the end of their life, you don’t want a mixed environment that you are trying to manage.”

          He added that this approach also has environmental benefits for serviced offices up and down the country, which was important now people had started “thinking about doing the right thing”.

          Many companies upgrade their computer systems every few years as they need to increase the amount of memory available to them and they need more speed from the machines.

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