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        Spotlight on Belfast: The ‘Salmon of Knowledge’

        Spotlight on Belfast: The ‘Salmon of Knowledge’

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          Ahead of the opening of our new Belfast building, we take a ‘deep dive’ into Custom House’s local places of interest.

          Here at BE Offices we are super excited about the imminent opening of the spectacular new addition to our portfolio, that being the incredible and iconic Custom House in Belfast.

          In the build up to the grand opening, scheduled for later this year, we will be profiling the many places of interest local to the building, and owing to its very close proximity, we are starting with Belfast’s Big Fish, also known as the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ which resides to the rear of Custom House, in Donegall Quay, along the banks of the River Lagan.

          The Big Fish of Belfast - The Salmon of Knowledge - Custom House Belfast

          Made from a vast mosaic of mostly blue ceramic tiles, this giant sculpture was created by artist John Kindness, in 1999, in celebration of the return of fish to the River Lagan. Every tile is decorated with images or text which in some way relate to the rich history of Belfast.

          Inspiration for the sculpture came from a fictional character in the tale “The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn.” In the story, a salmon feasts upon some hazelnuts which have fallen into the Well of Wisdom. Upon devouring its protein-filled lunch, the fish finds itself bestowed with all the knowledge in the world. As the tale goes, the first person then to eat the fish will inherit its vast knowledge.

          Local folklore says that wisdom may be gained by anyone who kisses the fish, so if you are visiting the salmon and see someone cosying up to it, now you will know why.


          Images courtesy of Shutterstock



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