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        Staff concerned over work-life balance, survey finds

        Staff concerned over work-life balance, survey finds

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          We are constantly bombarded with stories in the media about the gloomy outlook for workers in the UK. The treat of redundancy, no pay rises and more hours paint a poor picture for employees in shared offices and other places of work.

          But what is it really like on the ground? The Guardian undertook a survey to find out.

          The results of the investigation were surprising, with the majority of the 5,000 workers questioned (72 per cent) saying they were fairly or very happy in their current jobs.

          Around a third reported that their jobs had changed as a result of the recession, with more hours and less chance of promotion, but most said they thought they would remain with the same employer for at least the next year.

          Just 15 per cent of respondents said they thought their employer had handled the recession well.

          Work-life balance was the main issue for most employees, with many worried about their health, wealth and family life. Many said they were stressed, and that they were concerned about their financial situation in light of increases in the cost of living.

          Stress doctor Terri Bodell recently suggested that office stress and financial stress were very closely linked.

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