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        Staff say new office furniture is top of wish list

        Staff say new office furniture is top of wish list

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          Office staff chose new office furniture and renewing office decor as the changes that would most improve their office, as part of a survey for Staples.

          The study found 52 per cent would give their current office furniture a C grade with 41 per cent stating their technology provision would also deserve such a grade.

          A non-material element also came high up the list with 44 per cent of office workers saying that eliminating office politics would greatly improve their working lives.

          Perhaps surprisingly more than half of respondents would give their boss an A grade and 78 per cent would give them an A or B.

          A recent study by Samsung found slow IT systems annoyed a lot of staff with 68 per cent of staff stating it got on their nerves.

          Anabela Perozek, vice president of marketing for Staples, said: “As businesses consider ways to keep their employees motivated and productive, they can keep in mind various affordable options to improve their offices.”

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