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        Staff skip work due to financial worries

        Staff skip work due to financial worries

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          Staff who work up and down the country may skip work due to financial anxiety a survey by YouGov and Money in Mind has found.

          With one in ten adults saying they have been absent from work more than once due to money worries, employers are urged to do more to help.

          Of the 2,000 people asked, just 18 per cent of adults declared themselves very confident that they had adequate knowledge in order to plan and maintain their finances for themselves and their dependants, whereas 44 per cent said they couldn’t.

          Almost a third said they would feel more engaged at work if their employers gave them access to money management guidance, meaning they would be better able to concentrate on the job.

          It was recently claimed by psychologist, Dr Terri Bodell, that taking someone into your confidence can help reduce stress related to money worries.

          Martin Osborne-Shaw, director of Money in Mind, said: “Employers now have a clear interest in helping staff to understand how to make the most of what they’ve got. Any reasonable employer knows that an anxious, tired and distracted workforce is unlikely to perform at its best.”

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