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        Step away from the screen during National Eye Health Week

        Step away from the screen during National Eye Health Week

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          People who work in office space in London and the rest of the UK can often get sick of looking at the screen by the end of the day.

          You can leave at the end of the day with dry and tired eyes, an aching head and a bad back from poor posture.

          So this week, staff are being encouraged to take a break from screen time as part of National Eye Health Week.

          A poll by the Eyecare Trust and SimplyHealth found that 80 per cent of employees do not take the recommended amount of screen breaks, putting them at risk of severe eye strain, headaches and problems with vision.

          Tips for reducing the risk include taking frequent breaks to give your eyes a break, creating an eye-friendly environment and customising screen settings.

          Dharmesh Patel, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, said: “Making a few simple adjustments to your seat, screen settings and posture could be all that’s needed to save your eyes from feeling tired and irritated after a long day at work.”

          Eyehelp suggests that people who frequently look at computer monitors for long periods of time should have frequent eye tests.

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