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        Stressed-out employees ‘need a holiday every 62 days’

        Stressed-out employees ‘need a holiday every 62 days’

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          Heavy workloads and long hours have led to an increase in the amount of time workers need to be away from the office, new research has shown.

          Rising demand has seen staff in office space in London and the rest of the UK becoming more and more stressed out, and needing to get away from the office on an average of every two months, a survey by the Post Office has shown.

          The survey found that people need around six holidays a year in order to feel refreshed and ready for work, as opposed to the traditional two-week holiday which people used to take.

          Experts have put the increase down to rising workloads which have been caused by redundancies made in the recession.

          Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University, told the Daily Mail: “Redundancies across the country have led to a fall in numbers of workers in each organisation, but no fall in the workload. As a result, remaining staff are working longer and harder. Workers really should take a break every few months otherwise they will burn out, which is bad for them and their employer.”

          A survey by RSM Tenon found that staff are working longer hours than they were a year ago.

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