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        Summer party dos and don’ts

        Summer party dos and don’ts

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          If you’re planning your office’s summer social, you can often feel overwhelmed by choices and responsibilities, as well as worries about the weather.

          Planning a summer event might seem easier than organising a Christmas do, but don’t be fooled by the sun. A summer event can often be trickier to plan, with food, weather and venues being highly subject to change.

          Read on for our tips on how to organise a stress-free summer work party…

          Plan for the weather
          Even with the best-laid plans, a summer party is always at risk of being ruined by some inclement weather. To avoid incidents caused by sudden showers, blazing heat or strong winds, make sure you book a venue with options that can handle all eventualities. Even if the forecast is decidedly sunny, things can go awry if it’s too warm – you don’t want guests getting sunstroke!

          Make sure there’s the right amount of space
          Make sure you book a venue well in advance. It can be tempting to save money by booking a smaller venue, but beware – there’s nothing worse than having no room to socialise when you’re trying to get employees to mingle. On the other hand, a too-large space can deflate the party atmosphere and cost a pretty penny, so try and aim for a venue that has a little more space than you need, but not too much!

          Offer the right drinks and food
          The catering for a party can be a make or break situation. Companies often offer a sparse selection of finger food, which is less than ideal if copious alcohol is offered alongside. Make sure you provide adequate food for everyone, and to cover all necessary dietary requirements – there’s nothing more dampening to a party spirit than a lack of nibbles! It’s also important to offer plenty of water and non-alcoholic drinks, so no one’s left out.

          Plan in advance
          It might go without saying, but plan your party earlier rather than later. As the summer months get warmer, the available space at the best party venues may disappear quickly. Planning as far as six months in advance is common for large businesses, so make sure you don’t lose out by planning your event further ahead than you may feel is necessary.

          Do something for everyone
          It can be tempting to organise a jam-packed day out for a summer social, with lots of drinking or physical activities. Sometimes, this can be overwhelming or unsuitable for office staff who may feel uncomfortable or are unable to complete certain activities. Make sure you plan a party or day out that feels authentic to your business, but also is accessible to all your employees.


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