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        Support for office space eco-initiatives on the rise

        Support for office space eco-initiatives on the rise

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          Support for environmentally-friendly office space initiatives is on the increase – particularly in the south of the country.

          According to new research from office supplies specialist Euroffice, 95 per cent of businesses in the south-west are supportive of green initiatives in the office.

          The number of firms who strive to keep their office spaces green in the north-west on the other hand is far lower. Having said that, a substantial 76 per cent of businesses in the region are striving to keep their carbon footprints to a minimum.

          However, while many companies talk the talk, large numbers are failing to walk the walk and put eco-friendly office space practices in place. Only 20 per cent of employees said their employer encourages them to take public transport, for instance.

          Simon Drakeford, chief executive officer of Euroffice, said: “While many managers and staff like the idea of being green, it appears they may not be that diligent about putting words into action.

          “Even the most basic things like energy-saving lightbulbs, ensuring PCs are switched off at night and taking public transport, all have their role to play in reducing carbon emissions.”

          Recently, Michael Shanks, chief technology officer of Ultraspeed, said the recession had dampened green spirits in the office space.

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