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        Take a Walk to your Office Space in Milton Keynes

        Take a Walk to your Office Space in Milton Keynes

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          Taking a stroll on your way to work in the morning can decrease stress, increase productivity and improve your wellbeing, according to one expert.

          Walking to your office space in London, or riding your bike to your office space in Milton Keynes can offer the chance to appreciate the outdoors and give you the time to reflect on work, said business expert and international speaker Roger Harrop.

          He added: “If you walk or cycle to work, you not only experience the benefits of being outside and endorphin release, but you can also take the opportunity to quietly look at, and think about, the big picture of your job and plan what you are going to focus on when you get to work. Compare this with the concentration needed to drive to work in busy traffic, or commuting by train and tube, with stale air and your private space invaded.”

          Mr Harrop spoke following the release of information by the University of Bristol, which said that transport plans to reduce the amount of cars on the road should be used as an opportunity to increase physical activity and wellbeing in the workforce.

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