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        Take Dragon’s advice and run your own business

        Take Dragon’s advice and run your own business

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          Many serviced offices these days are taken on by people who have started their own businesses.

          The serviced office gives them the freedom to get on with the business, without worrying about office space. There is a lot to think about when starting a business after all.

          Entrepreneur James Caan, who until recently featured on TV programme Dragon’s Den, has advised people not to be put off by the amount of work involved in setting up your own business, as it gives a better quality of life.

          He said: “Nowadays in society there is a perception that when you are running your own business you have that freedom, that flexibility, the ability to create your own destiny, which all to me seems wrapped up in it being a better quality of life.”

          It has been widely reported that many people who have been made redundant in the recession have used the opportunity to start up their own businesses.

          Economist professor Andrew Oswald told the Times: “Many people have been forced into self-employment, and the self-employed report a higher level of job satisfaction than the employed. We think it’s because of the autonomy, the independence of spirit.”

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