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        Technology allows us to work anywhere anytime

        Technology allows us to work anywhere anytime

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          Over one billion people will work remotely by 2015 meaning the use of mobile technology for business is more important now than ever before.

          That is according to International Data Corporation, which predicts that 37.2 per cent of the entire global workforce will work remotely within the next couple of years.

          Mobile working can be a green and time-effective alternative to traditional commuting, while also cutting costs. Serviced offices in London, for example, can reduce outgoings significantly by introducing remote working.

          And thanks to advances in information technology it is easy to keep in touch, conduct business and access the world of work at the touch of a button.

          A virtual office environment enables employees to achieve the same levels of performance as their office-based colleagues and mobile technology even equates to greater productivity, as many studies have shown.

          With the advent of tablets and mobile phones blurring the line between our social lives and work, there is no real cut-off point when we leave the office at the end of the day, Real Business explains.

          “These devices don’t just allow employees access to their emails but [they] can connect to networks as well. Taking part in interactive video conferencing and various other work related activities can now be done while on the move, from work or on holiday,” the website says.

          But it is important to ensure that employees have the right technology and software available so that they can comfortably and effectively work remotely.

          For example, a fast and reliable connection should be a primary concern when employees are working away from shared office spaces. Moving from 3G to 4G spectrum offers a faster connection in which to work and keep in contact with colleagues and clients.

          In addition, the creation of a multitude of iPhone apps can aid mobile workers. With applications and features directly aimed at enterprises – such as scanning business cards and creating online documents that you can share with colleagues – working remotely is easy.

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