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        The benefits of flexible and mobile working

        The benefits of flexible and mobile working

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          Mobile and flexible working is an increasing trend, which many staff are making the most of, but an expert has come forward and said it also benefits businesses.

          Shirley Borrett, development director for the Telework Association is a great believer that evidence suggests companies could gain enormously from the practice.

          By working the infrastructure into business which allows employees to have a more flexible working routine, firms will find the returns are worthwhile.

          She said: “Offering flexible and home-based working is a way of recruiting people who don’t want to work in a conventional office environment.”

          This may be due a number of reasons including disability, circumstances or problems associated with travelling to the office each day.

          The younger generation are also more aware of the flexibility which innovations in technology offer, with mobile devices offering email and other services from any location.

          With lives becoming more complicated and the possibilities endless, flexible working and its mobile counterpart is very appealing.

          Companies face fewer costs when customers work from home, as they do not need to provide the same resources as a conventional office.

          Firms thinking about offering more flexible working options are reminded that such a thing as a virtual office exists, which helps to maintain their professional appearance of having an office.

          Ms Borrett said: “More people are thinking about the benefits to business, society and the environment. Norman Baker, the transport minister, has been talking quite openly about flexible and home-based working and the advantages to travel.”

          Further advice for staff who are thinking about making the most of the opportunity given by employers to work from home comes from James Kendrick, for ZDNet.

          He said that it is important for home workers to have a space in their houses which is dedicated for where they work.

          This leads to fewer distractions and helps to maintain the work-life balance, without one taking precedent over the other.

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