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        The best healthy lunches to eat in the office

        The best healthy lunches to eat in the office

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          Make your co-workers green with envy by taking these deliciously healthy packed lunches into the office.

          Sick of having dreary cheese sandwiches every day? Bored of running to Greggs for a sausage roll when you don’t know what to eat?

          We’ve all been there, so we’ve put together some of our favourite packed lunch recipes that are not only healthy, but also taste great enough to get you out of your culinary rut.

          Spinach and avocado sandwich
          You’re probably tired of hearing about the benefits of avocados, but they really are a superfood. A source of healthy fats, they’re high in fibre and potassium and also help rid the body of ‘bad’ cholesterol while increasing ‘good’ cholesterol. Plus they’re pretty delicious.

          Green ripe avocado from organic avocado plantation - healthy food

          You can make this sandwich with any bread you have lying around, from pittas and naans to wraps and ciabatta. Simply spread mashed avocado over the bread, season with some salt and pepper and top with spinach leaves. Crumble on some feta and you’re good to go! You could even add some sliced jalapeno peppers for an extra kick.

          Burrito bowls
          We all love those beautifully colourful burrito bowls that come up on our Instagram feeds, but what’s stopping you from making your own?

          All you need to do is put cooked rice in a bowl then layer on lettuce, corn, black beans, tomatoes, guacamole, coriander and whatever else takes your fancy. These ones are vegetarian but you can add some grilled meats if you feel like it, or substitute in quinoa for rice if you’re on a health grind.

          Kale and quinoa bowl
          Another superfood constantly raved about is kale. And rightly so, as it’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and an excellent source of vitamin C. Quinoa is also tremendously healthy: high in fibre, protein, iron, magnesium and antioxidants. What more could you want?

          This requires a bit more prep time than some of the other options, but is well worth it. Add a pinch of salt and quinoa to a pot of boiling water to cook. After about 10 minutes, add chopped kale and let it simmer for 5 minutes with the lid on. While that’s cooking, combine lemon juice, lemon zest, spring onions, olive oil, nuts and feta. Add this to the quinoa and kale mix and you’re all set.

          Skinny chicken Caesar pitta
          A healthier alternative to everyone’s favourite, the classic Caesar salad. The trick here is to use reduced-fat Caesar salad dressing because that’s where most of the calories are.

          Cook some chicken with a tablespoon of the dressing and a sprinkle of pepper. While it’s cooking toss lettuce, carrots and parmesan into a bowl and drizzle over some more dressing. Cut your chicken into thin slices, and then stuff everything into pittas. Easy.

          Breakfast omelette muffins
          They say you should eat breakfast like a king, so why not do it at lunch as well? This recipe makes four delicious muffins inspired by our favourite morning snack.

          Fill 4 muffin cups halfway with chopped onions, ham, mozzarella and peppers. Beat 3 eggs with 2-3 tablespoons of milk and pour into the cups. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the muffins are brown around the edges and voila! Breakfast for lunch.


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