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        The best Secret Santa gifts for your colleagues

        The best Secret Santa gifts for your colleagues

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          We’ve got the whole company covered.

          Try our list of perfect presents for everyone on your team.

          Graphic Designer – Personalised notebook
          Creatives never know when their next wave of inspiration might hit, so it’s important to arm them with the tools they need to jot their bright ideas down on the go. A handy notebook will let your design colleagues sketch out ideas on public transport, at lunch, or any time when their laptop is out of reach and a phone won’t do the trick. Try keeping an eye out for options that can be personalised for a more thoughtful finish.

          Managing Director – Smart stress ball
          Stress balls have been a ‘go-to’ executive gift for decades. Thankfully, the old faithful has been given a much-needed revamp with the help of an accompanying app. The Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball is the perfect way to help members of the team let off some steam with some neat touches included. Once paired with a phone, the ball can test your grip strength and even compare your scores with colleagues.

          Accountant – Unique money box
          All good bookkeepers know that small savings can pay off in the long term, so why not help them put some money aside themselves? We recommend a personalised money box to show you’ve made the extra effort. You can even find paint your own piggy banks to let the more artistic accountants in your team customise their gift. Paints in your company colours will make sure everything stays on brand.

          Copywriter – Grammar police pencils
          We’re not suggesting all copywriters deserve a place on the grammar police force but any decent wordsmith is usually a stickler for the rules. This fun set of pencils come etched with mantras for the writer in your business. Whether they think ‘semicolons are underrated’ or that it’s important you ‘know your its from your it’s’ there’s a relevant message out there, ready to order. The pencils come with an attached rubber because we’re all capable of a copy cock up.

          Salesperson – Sales bell
          Let the salespeople in your life celebrate their professional victories with a little help from a sales bell. Decide whether they’d prefer a desk bell, something they can pick up and swing, or a wall mounted option depending on their personality. Perhaps a miniature gong would work better for the more dramatic members of the team? Either way we’re sure the gift will be a resounding success.


          Image credits: Chaosamran_Studio via iStock & RTimages via iStock

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