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        The good side of working in the office

        The good side of working in the office

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          Remote working has impacted every business and its employees. We remind ourselves of the positive aspects of working in the office and what we have to look forward to when we return.



          A lack of collaboration when working from home makes it difficult to function as an effective team.

          86% of employees and executives blame a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. 

          Company culture

          Separating workers undermines the ability for employees to build a strong office culture that enforces teamwork and communication.


          Ad hoc discussions and impromptu meetings between employees can often lead to innovative strategies and solutions to problems.


          On-site employees develop a much better understanding of their role in a large organisation. They feel a much stronger sense of purpose in the office. 


          Seeing team members face-to-face leads to fewer misconceptions and improved communication among team members, ultimately resulting in a more productive environment. Around 95% of professionals consider face-to-face communication vital for long-term business.


          Working in the office combats loneliness. According to Totaljobs, 46% of UK workers have experienced loneliness when forced to work from home due to social distancing.


          Distraction can easily affect those working remotely due to being in a familiar and comfortable environment where there are no managers to watch their actions. 

          A survey of 1,000 UK office workers revealed that 42% found home distractions, such as children and pets, to be a huge blow to productivity.


          Lack of activity when working from home. No commuting or walking around the office means workers are less active.

          Blurred lines

          Employees find that it’s difficult to unplug from their work when working remotely. Working in an offices allows employees to leave their work in the office to focus on a better work/life balance at home. In a survey of 200 full-time remote workers, 40% said it was difficult to unplug after work hours.


          Improved productivity in high-performing workplaces. Gensler reports that the recommended place to work for people in the highest performing workplaces, is the company’s workplace.




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